Bali (v0.4.0)

The OpenSDS Bali release completed December 19, 2018.


The Bali release adds the following functionality:

  • Introduced management of multiple OpenStack deployments
  • Multi-Cloud support
    • S3 API support with AWS, Azure, Huawei Cloud, and local Ceph object store and Fusion Storage backends.
    • Manual and basic policy based migration for AWS, Azure, Huawei Cloud, Ceph, and Fusion Storage.
  • Dashboard UI interface has been broken out into separately installed component and integrated with multicloud support.
  • Added ability to upload/download snapshot to/from cloud storage
  • Updated support for the Container Storage Interface (CSI) v1.0 specification
    • Added support to create snapshot and create volume from snapshot
    • Added support for NodeStageVolume and NodeUnstageVolume.
  • Support to provision replicated volumes using OpenSDS CSI plugin
  • CSI plugin refactoring and FC support
  • Southbound Fusion Storage and OceanStor V3/V5 volume drivers
  • Integrated profiles properties definition and selector filtering.
  • Support external volumes for VMs or baremetal.
  • Add API support for AvailabilityZone.
  • Installation with Helm (tested with LVM)

OpenAPI Spec


The OpenSDS controller (Hotpot), the north bound plugins (Sushi), the multiple cloud(Gelato), the opensds dashboard and the installer can be downloaded from here: