Capri (v0.6.1)

The OpenSDS Capri release was completed on June 21, 2019.


The Capri release adds the following functionality:

  • Telemetry
    • Integrate with Prometheus and Grafana, and collecting metrics from storage backends.
    • Metrics driver for LVM, Ceph, and OceanStor V3/V5.
  • Anomaly detection
    • Detect anomalous data points based on metrics collected from Telemetry.
    • Limitations:
      • Alert generation is not done.
      • E2E testing is not done.
  • Automation and orchestration
    • Design orchestration workflow using StackStorm.
    • Use case includes provisioning storage with hooks to add custom actions.
    • Supported workflows include volume provisioning, bucket migration, and user defined workflows.
  • Multi-cloud
    • GCP object store backend
    • IBM Cloud object store backend
    • Signature identification with AK/SK
  • Object Lifecycle management
    • Provide object lifecycle management mechanism that allows tenants to manage lifecycle configuration policies through APIs.
    • Support migration between on-premise object storage (Ceph or Fusion Storage) and cloud storage (AWS S3, Azure Blob, GCS, Huawei OBS).
    • Support default OpenSDS storage tiers. User defined rules is not supported in Capri.
    • Restore for Glacier is not supported.
    • Support non-versioned bucket only in Capri.
  • File share support
    • Profiles design based on Swordfish
    • NFS driver, Manila driver
  • Volume Drivers
    • NVMeoF driver (support LVM)
    • HPE Nimble driver
    • Scutech Cloud Migration System (CMS) host-based replication driver
  • CSI 1.1.0 support
    • Raw block support
    • Topology support
    • Multi-attach support
    • NVMe TCP support
    • CSI driver support for shared file systems (through file share APIs)
  • Installer
    • Enable multi-dock/multi-node and multi-backend installation with Ansible
    • Helm installation with Ceph
    • Salt installer
  • Thin OpenSDS (Experimental, documentation pending, Refer PR #888 and branch thin-opensds)
    • A light-weight OpenSDS to serve Cloud Native environment
  • Added Fujitsu volume driver. (see #943)
    • This driver is for evaluation purpose only and limited support will be given.
    • This driver has below functions for now.
      • List/Show/Create/Update/Extend/Delete volume.
      • List/Show/Create/Delete volume attachment.
      • Create/Delete snapshot.

OpenAPI Spec


The OpenSDS controller (Hotpot), the north bound plugins (Sushi), the multiple cloud(Gelato), the opensds dashboard and the installer can be downloaded from here: