SODA API Specification


SODA API Standards for Data and Storage are an umbrella API Standards comprising of a collection of multiple data and storage API specifications released by the SODA Foundation (under Linux Foundation). It provides unified RESTful API interfaces with standardized data models for data and storage across the edge, core(on-prem), and cloud. It will consolidate, update, or develop API definitions to provide unified, extensible, and open industry standards collaborating with partners, vendors, and standard associations. It will have the universal application with needed customization as per the country, region and other legal needs where it is used/deployed

Overall Scope

SODA API Standards for Data and Storage aim to put together a set of specifications that would be: Unified | Open | Vendor-neutral | Platform agnostic | Environment aware | Extensible This document provides the latest versions of all API specifications under SODA API Standards for Data and Storage.


Main audience members are (not limited to) SODA API Standards Team, API Specification Software implementors, Platform&Vendors who want to utilize SODA API for their solutions.

SODA API Standards for Data and Storage

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Download SODA API Draft - v0.0.1