SODA Foundation Introduction


SODA Foundation is an open source project under Linux Foundation that aims to foster an ecosystem of open source data management and storage software for data autonomy. SODA Foundation offers a neutral forum for cross-projects collaboration and integration and provides end users quality end-to-end solutions.

What is SODA

SODA is SODA Open Data Autonomy. It is an open source unified autonomous data framework for data mobility from edge to core to cloud.

Focus Areas

SODA Foundation focuses to build unified frameworks, APIs and solutions in the areas of

  • Data Mobility
  • Data Protection
  • Data Lifecycle
  • Unified Storage Platform
  • Cloud Native Storage
  • Data Governance
  • Data Orchestration
  • Data Energy and more. It envisions to provide data autonomy through its open source solutions and standards.

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SODA Projects

SODA Foundation is a home of all the projects for storage and data. It hosts many projects and also extends the ecosystem through partners and third party projects which can help to build unified data solutions for various use cases.

SODA Architecture

SODA (SODA Open Data Autonomy) Architecture is getting evolved to realize a challenging goal of building a unified framework for data and storage management. It connects the application platforms and solutions to the backend storages seamlessly, be it on prem or cloud through unified API layer. This enables the application platforms to focus to build more valuable use cases rather than worrying about managing the underlying storage backends and data management.

The key architecture tenets are:

  • Application Platform agnostic
  • Unified API for Data and Storage Management, which are scalable and can evolve
  • The overall platform is microservice based, so as to build data solutions for different use cases and technologies
  • Future ready-Unified Distributed Data Store
  • Seamless vendor agnostic storage backends

As mentioned, SODA Architecture is getting refined and optimized for different application technologies, use cases, platforms and storage backends. If you have any comments and inputs, please join us here.

SODA Source Code Repository

The Public Source Code repository is located here. Please explore and join the ones that interest you.

SODA Ecosystem

The SODA Ecosystem has many projects under its umbrella, which work in unison to solve the various data and storage challenges. Some of the important ones are :

  • SODA Dashboard SODA Dashboard provides a front end UI which integrates with the different APIs provided by SODA API. This dashboard can be used to test basic SODA functionality. More details here

  • SODA API The key external interface to platforms, which can do a seamless integration with heterogeneous storage backends. Provides the standardization for Data / Storage Management APIs. More details here

  • SODA Controller In the API flow, controller plays a critical role for all the API flow management and tracking to handle all the state machine and metadata management requirements. More details here

  • SODA Dock It is a docking station for heterogeneous storage backends! This is where all the different storage vendors’ drivers for various backends get attached. More details here

  • SODA Delfin It is storage infrastructure management solution to provide unified, intelligent and scalable resource management as well as alerting and performance monitoring of the underlying storage infrastructure. More details here

  • SODA Plugin SODA North-Bound Plugin Project focuses to extend all the industry platforms and application solutions to interface with SODA API or be compliant with it. More details here

  • SODA Multicloud SODA Multicloud project provides a cloud vendor agnostic data management for hybrid cloud, crosscloud or incloud. It can be hosted on prem or cloud native. More details here

  • SODA Orchestration The Orchestration framework provides flexibility to use existing workflows or define customized workflows to get the simplified execution of tasks. More details here

Official Charter

The official charter for SODA Foundation under Linux Foundation can be found here

Want to be part of this initiative? Please join us to collaborate, research, develop and lead for unified data framework and standards. Contact us through any of the following channels:

For more details, please refer to the SODA Foundation website.