File Share

File Share Introduction

File share in SODA facilitates the user to create file share, set access permission for that file share and user can also create snapshot. SODA provides both CLI and Dashboard to operate or play with file share feature. Goals of file share in SODA are

  • Facilitating File Share Service by providing Standard API to manage multiple vendors, simplify File Share API definition
  • File share across the users based on access capability
  • File share facilitates with profiling Scope for now is to support only NFS, SMB file share protocols

Install file share feature with SODA

Follow the wiki link to install SODA

Make sure backend nfs is enable to use file share feature


If nfs is chosen as storage backend, modify group_vars/osdsdock.yml, native nfs driver dependent on lvm:

enabled_backends: nfs

Set the environment to start use of file share feature


Firstly configure SODA CLI tool:

sudo cp /opt/opensds-hotpot-linux-amd64/bin/osdsctl /usr/local/bin/

export OPENSDS_ENDPOINT=http://{your_real_host_ip}:50040
export OS_AUTH_URL=http://{your_real_host_ip}/identity
export OS_USERNAME=admin
export OS_PASSWORD=opensds@123
export OS_TENANT_NAME=admin
export OS_PROJECT_NAME=admin
export OS_USER_DOMAIN_ID=default

osdsctl pool list # Check if the pool resource is available

File share operations

Create a file share profile

osdsctl profile create '{"name":"Prf_fileshare", "description":"default policy for fileshare", "storageType":"file"}'

Create a file share

osdsctl fileshare create <size(int)> -n <fileshare_name> -p <profile_id>

List all file shares

osdsctl fileshare list

Delete the file share

osdsctl fileshare delete <fileshare id>

Set access for file share

osdsctl fileshare acl create <fileshare_id> -a <client_ip> -c <list_of_access_capabilities> -t "ip"

client ip is here ip of file share client, which system/user wants to access the file share mounted on server list of access capablities are read, write, execute, append etc.. For now only read and write capabilities are supported

Create snapshot of file share

osdsctl fileshare snapshot create <fileshare_id> -n <snapshot_name> -d "description of file share snapshot"


SODA UI dashboard is available at http://{your_host_ip}:8088, please login the dashboard using the default admin credentials: admin/opensds@123. Create tenant, user, and profiles as admin.

Logout of the dashboard as admin and login the dashboard again as a non-admin user to manage storage resource

File Share Services

  • Create a file share

Post login into the SODA UI, File share can be created from: Resource -> File share -> Create Fileshare create menu

  • Create snapshot

a) Click on File Share name b) Under Snapshot menu, click on ‘Create’ Also the quick option a) Click on file share resource menu, and on file share name b) Under fileshare name menu in same row you can find Create Snapshot link to create snapshot

  • Set access permission on file share (IP based access permissions are allowed) As of now read only and read,write access permissions are allowed, these capabilities allows user to access the mount path based on the access capability set on file share which you have created a) Click on File Share name b) Under file share menu, you can find access menu to create access Also the quick option a) Click on file share resource menu, and on file share name b) Under fileshare name menu in same row you can find Create Access link to create access

Fileshare snapshot and access

Some file share standards and limitations

  • File share with the same name is not allowed
  • File share name should not start with alphanumeric, special characters
  • Snapshot name should not with snapshot keyword
  • Access permission type is allowed only for client IP’s. Ex: File Share client machine wants to access directories which are mounted on server, for that you can take grant permission from server by setting permission on directoies by machine IP’s. Suppose wants to access /file1 directory from server then it has to set access permission like read only or read, write
  • Put operations of ACL is not permitted for now. Once if you set file share access permission for an ip can’t be changed ex: is read only for file share /file1 on server, it can’t be changed again to read,write