Quick Start Guide

This is a quickstart guide for users and new contributors to try and get familiar with SODA Foundation Release and its projects. It will help to test the SODA Releases directly from binaries with minimum configurations or settings.

*Note: *Currently this document also provides the information to install old OpenSDS releases and try. Soon, the support for old opensds releases will be removed.**

If you are interested to have more magement control on the installaton cofigurations OR you are a developer on SODA Foundation projects, you can refer a detailed installation guide here

Quick Installation and experience of SODA releases

Install SODA v1.0.0 Faroe Release Jun 2020

Quick installation from SODA Faroe Release:

Install SODA v0.20.0 Elba Release Apr 2020

  • Elba Release (First Release of SODA) : Refer the “How to use the Release” section of Elba Release Notes

ATTN: We are currently not supporting the older versions before Elba. However, if you have specific reasons to use older versions, please contact at #general slack channel of soda foundation slack