Delfin project aims to overcome a challenge to manage heterogeneous storage devices on a single platform. Delfin has standardized common API services.

vendor model Version ( Device Manager ) Access Mechanism (IPV4) Type Basic Device Information Storage Pool LUN Controller Port Disk Qtree Quota File system Share Capacity Information SNMP Trap Alarm Query Alarm Clearance Performance Metrics Remarks/Constraints
Dell EMC VMAX3/AFA/PowerMAX Unisphere 8.4 or later REST Block NA NA NA NA 1.The Embedded Management suite needs to be installed on the VMAX array to support Embedded Unisphere.
Dell EMC Unity 4.3–5.3 REST Unified ×
Dell EMC VNX, CLARiiON CX4/AX4 4.30 or later CLI Block NA NA NA NA × × × 1. Before connecting a Dell EMC VNX Block storage device, install Navisphere Secure CLI on delfin installed node.
Dell EMC VPLEX 5.5–6.1 REST Block × NA NA NA NA × × × 1. Only the VPLEX local mode is supported.
HPE 3PAR StoreServ 3.1.2 or later WSAPI 1.2 or later REST + SSH Unified × × × × ×
HPE MSA GL210R SSH Unified × × × × × ×
HPE Primera 4.0/4.1/4.3 and WSAPI 1.7/1.8/1.9 SSH Unified × × × × ×
IBM Storewize SVC 6.2–7.8 SSH Block NA NA NA NA ×
IBM DS8000 7.1 or later REST Unified × × × × × × × ×
Hitachi VSP 88-01-0X-XX/XX or later REST Block NA NA NA NA × × 1. The Configuration Manager REST service needs to be installed on the VSP devices.
Hitachi HNAS HNAS3000 or later SSH Unified × × ×
Huawei OceanStor V3/V5 REST Unified
NetApp Cluster mode ONTAP 9.X SSH Unified
Fujitsu Hybrid & All-Flash V10Lxx SSH Unified × × × × × ×
Pure Storage FlashArray 5.3.0 REST Unified × × × × × × × ×
Simulated Sample Driver (for testing the framework) NA NA NA NA 1. Used only for framework testing purpose

Below are the support matrix of each storage drivers grouped by their vendor name. Each driver support matrix includes below topics.

  1. Model and management software versions supported:- List of storage models and required management software versions.
  2. Access information to register storage: Table illustrates what all access protocol supported and parameters required to register the storage device.
  3. Alert management information : Type of alert sourcing and clearing supported
  4. Performance registration information: Table illustrates the resources, and their default interval supported for performance collection.
  5. Resource data matrix: Table illustrates the resources supported along with their available attributes.
  6. Alert data matrix : Table illustrates fields available in the alert data
  7. Performance metric data: Table illustrates performance metrics supported for each resource.

Detailed support matrix of some drivers are not updated here. For details on any of these drivers, please contact slack channel here